Duties and Responsibilities
Directorate of Personnel Affairs is responsible for human resources planning and personnel policy of the university, proposing recommendations for the improvement of personnel system, carrying out personnel-related duties and procedures, processing all university personnel appointments and retirement, and organizing and implementing in-service training for administrative personnel.

It is also responsible for carrying out all procedures concerning academic and administrative personnel, personnel working in other positions (those who work under the Article 35, Status 4/B, contract employees, temporary workers, foreign national teaching staff and artists as teaching faculty members with fixed-term contract), and personnel who are paid a per hour salary for each course they give.


Our mission is to ensure that all personnel-related procedures are duly performed and all procedures necessitated by employee rights and benefits which are granted by laws, decree laws, regulations, directives and legislations are fully and accurately processed, and to keep our personnel motivated while performing their duties.


A human-oriented approach is the sine qua non for reaching our target "To the leading edge...To the best...” Our employees are the most valuable assets of us and they are of critical importance for the university’s success. 

Our vision is to have a modern, collaborative and integrative administration philosophy that values employee participation in overcoming problems, aims to build good relations with personnel, and that places emphasis on meeting their needs, providing training and supporting their professional development in this rapidly changing world.